A photo of Danelle Kenny, a Podiatrist at Tyack Health Sunshine Coast

Danelle Kenny

BSc(Pod), GradCert(IPH)

Danelle’s desire to become a Podiatrist began with her own sports injury that no-one seemed to be able to fix, so she endeavoured to find the answers and ‘fix’ it herself.  Her extensive podiatry experience has taught her that there are so many simple things that can often solve so many common complaints, if only they were implemented properly.  

The best reward for her dedication to her patients is the look on their faces when their pain goes away. Just knowing she is contributing to a cause bigger than herself through sound podiatry care, is also very rewarding for Danelle.  She is a creative problem-solver, who tries new ideas and works hard on any challenges that may obstruct the end goal for her patients, hence she revels in more complex cases. Danelle’s special interests include: foot health promotion and education; rehabilitation; development (imbalances and corrective strength/conditioning); paediatric podiatry cases and skin disorders.