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Feel Better For Life

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When do you need a Naturopath/Nutritionist?

If you are experiencing persistent health issues and have tried other approaches or medicines however the issues just keep coming back or you recognize that a natural lifestyle approach to your health challenges is your preference to getting better, then Naturopathy and Nutrition are right for you. Looking at your body and symptoms holistically our Naturopath will guide you to make the changes in diet, lifestyle or stress levels required to support your body to heal at a deeper level so the results are permanent.

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What happens when you get treatment?

Persistent health issues are often the result of a nutritional imbalance, toxins, stress, anxiety, hormonal imbalances or a combination of these. Our naturopath will expertly identify what factors are contributing to your condition and guide you through a planned approach to overcome these factors in your life.  

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Why you should choose Tyack Health Naturopathy?

Our Naturopath has successfully treated herself after experiencing bad eczema and acne in her teen and young adult life. She understands why so many approaches don’t work and why. She also knows what does in many situations because she has experienced it. Now with 18 years experience helping others turn their health and lives around she personally understands the path and the pitfalls that can prevent clients from achieving a full permanent recovery.     


Just some of the more common conditions our Naturopath treats:

·         Eczema

·         Acne

·         Digestion

·         Skin conditions

·         Insomnia

·         Anxiety

·         Weight loss

·         Gut health

·         Fertility

·         Adrenal fatigue


·         Bloating

·         Energy

·         Detox

·         MS

·         Arthritis

·         Pain management

·         High cholesterol

·         Stress

·         Mood

·         Alternative choices



We are pleased to offer you:

  • 20 minute FREE Assessment
  • Cheerful, warm and helpful receptionists
  • Experienced and caring Naturopath/Nutritionist
  • Individualised holistic care
  • Minimal waiting time
  • Easy On-site parking

Janelle Twine

Adv. Dip. (Nat, Nut, WHM)

Janelle has always had an interest in health.  She struggled with eczema and acne growing up and completed her first liver cleanse whilst in highschool, in order to address her skin problems.  Fast forward many years, after time spent working as a primary school teacher and then travelling around Australia, her struggles with eczema, which covered her whole body, lead her down a much more involved alternative healing path.  It was on her journey that she learnt more about homeopathy, nutrition, gut health and fasting.  


Department Hours & Fees

Department Hours

Tuesday 12pm – 3pm

Thursday 1pm – 4pm

Janelle also consults one Friday per month from our Manly West (Brisbane) clinic.  Please contact reception to make a booking.


Initial 1 hour New Patient consult             $120

Standard consult 40min                                 $90



Entry - $349

20 min free assessment

Initial 1 hour

40 min follow ups – 1 consult per month for 3 months

Discount - $41


Standard - $588

20 min free assessment

Initial 1 hour

30 min follow ups – 1 consult per fortnight for 3 months

Discount - $72


Comprehensive - $1152

20 min free assessment

Initial 1 hour

30 min follow ups – 1 consult per fortnight for 6 months

Discount - $138


Appointment Cancellation Policy

We understand that life is sometimes unpredictable and you may not always be able to make your scheduled appointment as planned. If you can’t make an appointment please contact our reception preferably 24 hours prior to reschedule or cancel if need be.


Last minute cancellations


We reserve the right to charge the full consultation fee when appointments are cancelled within less than 24 hours of your scheduled appointment.


Contact our Reception team on (07) 5294 6868 for further information.