Naturopathy Fertility


Why naturopathy can be so beneficial for couples challenged with fertility issues!

One in seven couples trying to have a baby will experience infertility. For two in five couples the problem will relate to the sperm, and in another two in five couples it will relate to issues with the female reproductive system.  And in one in five couples, there will be problems with both the male and female.

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Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine helps men to optimize their sperm motility, morphology, overall counts, and decrease DNA fragmentation rates. For females, Naturopathy can help by regulating your menstrual cycle, it can help balance the nuances of the cycle.  We also think it can help with egg quality. 

The essence of the naturopathic approach is focused on uncovering what is preventing conception and addressing the underlying causes of infertility. This is a comprehensive approach to improve fertility for both men and women from the ground up.


Good nutritional advice

Importantly, Naturopathy, in combination with good nutritional advice, also helps to change and improve the health of the woman’s whole body to support a healthy pregnancy, not just successful conception.


Our modern lives

Our modern, fast passed lives often have negative impacts on our stress levels, our gut health, our immunity and our energy levels. Our home environments may also be negatively impacting reproductive health through the use of chemicals in and around the home and even in beauty products used. 


Natural healthy path

Naturopathy is a natural healthy path couples should consider when worried about infertility. Our Naturopath has a passion for fertility and works in closely with our fertility acupuncturist, who also combines light therapy in which studies have shown this combination to dramatically improve conception rates.


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