“Sex Recession” Trend is Real Researchers Reveal

June 07, 2019

Could overpopulation be solved by Netflix and could video games make us extinct, they might if they become more enticing than sex!

Highest sex levels were noted in the 1930s with the ‘silent generation’ and declining to more recently where average frequency fell again from the level in the 1990s to again lower levels after 2010. Jean Twenge, PhD, a professor of psychology published research that showed despite plausible hypotheses that included an ageing population, greater accessibility of pornography, working longer hours, the most significant cause is that fewer people are getting married or living together in long term relationships. 24% of adult US citizens reported they were not in a sexual relationship. Researchers suggest a committed intimate relationship was the best environment for a higher frequency of sex.  Although sex declined among partnered people too.  Accordingly not only are we supposedly having less sex but less babies. The birth rate is also falling, which in the US has now dropped to just 1.80 births per woman, whereas 2.1 births per woman are what is required to maintain current population rates - WebMed