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What Matters to Us

You matter. That's the long and short of it.

However, there are a few other things...

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Our way of healing, is an integrated way…
Using many modalities if required, often at no extra cost, to support your journey back to health.

Why? Because in many cases, when patients are holistically treated by a collective of highly skilled practitioners, their complex web of issues is more quickly unravelled and resolved. We focus on treating the underlying cause of your issue – not just the obvious symptoms. That way, the return of your health is swifter and longer-lasting… helping you feel better, for life.

A painting of the original Tyack Health located in Wynnum West

Our Story

Beginning life as a community health centre, it provided hospice care on a day and live-in basis, free of charge. In those days, healing was facilitated by organic whole foods, herbs, nutritional supplements, medicine, exercise, treatment and the power of community, laughter, honesty, faith and participation.

Founded in 1962, by Hope and Lionel Taylor, the clinic initially resided on a 10-acre farm on Hargreaves Road. A supportive local farmer, Ted Brockhurst, then generously made available an adjacent corner block of land, for the clinic to expand its services. 

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Useful Links

A resource of useful health links that may also support you.